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Growing quickly

Whilst we’re the new kid on the Bristol baking scene we do have some pedigree.  Born and raised in the Old Market Assembly we cut the apron strings in 2017, moved out and got our own place.

Not wanting to stray too far we only moved next door but it’s good to have our own front door.  Then we went and got a shipping container in Wapping Wharf so things have grown quickly.

Bread beginnings

Our sourdough started all this.  People seemed to love the taste, the look, the crumb and the authenticity.  As we looked to expand our repertoire we didn’t want to grow up too fast and compromise on taste whilst baking more.  Everything we make we want to have the same impact as our sourdough did.  We want the best tasting croissant, the best tasting salted caramel peanut cup or the best tasting sausage roll.  If it isn’t best in class, we don’t want to sell it.

Baking with care

But taste isn’t everything.  Most bread is highly processed, made in factories and packed with nasties.  For a staple consumed by everybody, an overly processed product doesn’t taste of anything and contributes to digestive intolerances and weight gain.

Not meaning to get too righteous but we wanted a more ethical stance. Our traditional slower baking methods break down gluten content.  Our use of purer, organic and local ingredients create a far better product in every way to what’s found in Aisle 25 of your local supermarket.  And we also provide the one of the widest ranges of gluten free and vegan products in Bristol.

On the go

We also have an electric van!  You may have seen it around town.  It’s the red one with dents in it. Powered by Opus Energy (who source 91% of their supply from renewable sources) it means all our deliveries have a zero carbon footprint and our wholesale customers can feel good about the wind and the waves delivering baked goods direct to their doorstep.  This personal service is also felt in our bakery in Old Market as it’s not often you can be served by the very bakers who have made what you’re buying.  But don’t just take our word for it, come and see us.  The proof really is in the pudding.